5 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition Using Vehicle Graphics

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A clear logo

It is so important to make sure that the logo you supply for your van graphics has a high resolution. If you need to have a logo created before starting your van signwriting, then you will be able to get a high resolution copy from your logo designer, alternatively you can use our free van graphics artwork service and we will create one for you.

A quality logo is imperative when using it for van signwriting as ideally your logo needs to be as large as possible, a poor quality logo will be difficult to use for any van graphics project that requires your image to be enlarged. If you are unable to obtain a high resolution logo, we can often use our Adobe Photoshop software to enhance the quality of your image in order to make it suitable for your van signwriting project.

For more information on logo design, read our free guide “how to design a great logo”.

Your Colour Scheme

The colour scheme used for your van signwriting project is the element that will affect the number of people who see your van graphics the most. With so much information to absorb on the roads, colour is the key to making your van signwriting eye catching. Choosing the best colours is relatively simple and we recommend using the chart below as a starting point.
A maximum of three colours should be used for your van graphics project. Your first two colours should compliment each other and need to be near each other on the colour wheel above, businesses often use the colour scheme of their company if they match this criteria. The third colour should be on the opposite side of the colour wheel and is best used for your “call to action” as we will cover later.

The reason this process works is that because the colours contrast each other, the van signwriting stands out and picks up impressions more easily. A person’s attention is drawn towards a van graphics design that contrasts its environment.

Important Information

Phone numbers, straplines, email addresses, physical addresses, type of work, fax numbers, the list is huge. If a person has around half a second to see your van signwriting when travelling or a couple of seconds at most to see your van graphics when static, what chance do they have to absorb all of this information? In most cases, business details are now discovered online, therefore having them as part of your van graphics design will limit the chance of a person remembering either your business name or call to action.

Call to Action

Your call to action is what you want a person to do after they see your van signwriting and is how your van graphics will help drive a return on your marketing investment. A call to action can be weak or strong and you want to have a strong call to action for your van graphics. Examples of weak call to actions are visit our website, call us etc. You are asking your audience in a general and unappealing manner. A strong call to action may be 10% off your first order or a free quote offer, they state the benefit of choosing your business over a competitor.

Fill the Space

No matter what size vehicle you have, making the most of the blank space that you have is essential, you never see an artist using half a canvas. Most van graphics designs try and use all of the space available by having all of their business information on the vehicle, this isn’t what we mean, a large logo, business name and call to action are all that is needed to create a striking van signwriting design. It is important to consider the shape of your vehicle with your van graphics design, if the vehicle has a small bonnet for example, it may be better not to put graphics on the bonnet if they won’t be noticed.

Material Matters

If poor quality material is used then no matter how good your van graphics design is it will reflect poorly on your business. Fading or flaking van graphics portray an image of poor quality to your audience and this will reflect directly on your business. Not all sign makers use the same material, we use vinyl that is guaranteed for 4 years given the correct treatment and we always laminate images, logos or graphics with a large surface area to further limit the effect of the weather.

Permanent or Removable?

Not all van signwriting has to be permanent, often business vehicles are also used for personal use, and this is where removable magnetic van signs come into their own. These removable van graphics can be produced for any flat surface and can carry the same design as permanent van signwriting.

Temporary magnetic van graphics are heavy duty to ensure that they stay attached to the vehicle whilst it is travelling, removable vehicle graphics are also laminated to prevent the effects of fading due to sunlight.


Once you have had striking van graphics applied, it is important to ensure that your marketing message remains strong over an extended time period. Regular cleaning of the vehicle will ensure your van signwriting is still visible to your audience and it always demonstrates that your business has pride.

We recommend cleaning your vehicle graphics by hand and not using pressurised water as this can weaken the glue behind the van signwriting making the van graphics less durable.

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