Vehicle Graphics Costs

How Much Do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

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What Determines the Cost of Vehicle Graphics?

There are three variables that define how much your vehicle graphics cost, the type of materials used, the quantity of materials used and the skilled labour involved in completing the vehicle graphics project.

The type of material used depends on the design of the vehicle signwriting. A printed image will cost more than a block of colour as the ink costs will be higher and a laminate should be used to protect the image from fading over time.

Material quantity depends on the size of the vehicle and how much of the vehicle will be covered in graphics. A more intricate or complicated design might also have to allow for wastage or off cuts where contouring or cutting around body panels is required.

Vehicle signwriting is a skilled profession and hence the majority of the cost of vehicle graphics comes from the labour involved in completing vehicle signwriting. Applying vehicle signage is very labour intensive and the factors involved in determining the cost of labour include the size of the vehicle, amount of material being used, type of material being used, complexity of the design and location of the vehicle.

How Much do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

Our vehicle graphics service starts from £30, we can provide estimates based on the size of the vehicle in this section but ultimately each quotation is bespoke. For a logo and a few lines of text on a car your quote will be £70-£120. For a medium sized van, £120 – £200 and for a HGV £200+.

A more detailed design perhaps with a high definition image, around five lines of text and a coloured stripe or pattern would be £120 – £200 for a car, £200 – £400 for a medium sized van and £400+ for a HGV.

Vehicle graphics are visible when both static and mobile, whereas traditional media is restricted to a single location only being seen when people pass it. The cost per impression that vehicle signwriting achieves is unbeaten.

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