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Choosing a sign is a minefield, it’s so difficult to get it right and so easy to get it wrong.

In this guide, we have tried to show how it is possible to crack the code, avoid the pitfalls and march to victory with your signage.

First, we discuss whether it is worth investing in signs at all if you’re not equipped with the right information to generate a great return from your investment.

Then, we take you through the considerations you need to make to ensure your signage will bring in additional profit for your business.

Finally, a couple of points to take your signage from champion to legendary status.

We hope you find this guide useful.

Is signage worth investing in?


Often the first impression of your business, the quality and condition of your signage will shape how your brand is perceived by potential customers.

Do you have signs that are smart and clean or are you displaying your brand on a banner that tore in the wind a couple of years ago?

Your choice in signage has a direct impact on how your potential customers view your business.

Signs that are well-designed and well-kept are going to portray an image of professionalism, showing that this business takes pride in their work.

Dirty and dilapidated signs however, may say that this business doesn’t take much care in what they do.


Strategically placed signage away from just the location of your business can ensure customers find you more easily.

This will not only limit the chances of them finding one of your competitor’s en-route but will also make their customer experience easier and more enjoyable.

The addition of new signage to previously bare buildings and the replacement of existing signage with larger signs, results in an average revenue increase of 5%. Source: Small Business Association

In addition to helping customers already searching for your business, directional signs may also drive additional footfall locally.

Whilst measuring the return on your investment achieved by wayfinding signage is tricky, it is for sure that it puts your brand in a strong position to attract a greater share of the local market.  


Making your business stand out from the competition is becoming ever tougher.

Your signage needs to be attention grabbing and easily digestible.

It can grab attention through clever design and/or with a strong message, this is important for most businesses and vital for shops.

Of equal importance is considering how easy it is for people who view your signage to understand it and take in information.

How often do you see a sign at the side of the road with lines of text to be read whilst travelling in a car at speed?

At most, a driver or passenger may be able to absorb one line of text, or even worse, they may not absorb anything by trying to read it all at once.

To stand out, your signage needs to be eye-catching and clear.


So that people recognise your signage as representing your business, it needs to use the same logo, colours and language as your other customer

These include vehicle livery, websites and social media accounts.

Having this uniformity between your online and offline branding will strengthen your business image, making your company appear more professional.

Choosing a design that will remain current for your business over a long period of time is imperative with permanent signage.

The average replacement cycle of business signs is 4 years, therefore it is key that your signs will not need updating regularly, unless they are promoting events of


For every need, there is a material available to suit.

Often, consideration must be given to how long you need your signage to last and the surface to which your signage will be secured.

Choosing a material can be linked to selecting an eye-catching design, as some materials are better suited to providing great stand out.

Equally, price can vary depending on the type of material used, it is sometimes possible to achieve the same design outcome with a cheaper material.

In tandem with the sign material, is the sign structure selected. It’s a common sight to see a banner folded over attached to thin wooden posts where the
weather elements have proven too strong for the structure.

If you are going to invest in signage, you need to select a sign and structure material that will display your message for the whole period of time that you


There are a couple of factors to consider with the size of your signage.

The first is thinking about from how far away you need your sign to be viewed from, most signs could be increased in size or be better designed to pick up more

Generally, the larger the sign, the more people that are going to see it.

Another factor to consider is the direction your sign is facing in, think about a shop by the side of a road, only customers will view the shop
face on.

A neat idea is to have a sign on the pavement facing the oncoming traffic, most passing vehicles will not know that your business is there otherwise.


It isn’t just the job of your signage to drive people towards your business immediately.

It is to attract people’s attention so that they may visit in the future when they want your product or service.

Especially with living in a country where we have dark evenings for half of the year, illuminated signage offers a great return on your investment by marketing
your business even when it is closed.

Lit signage can be linked to your brand consistency, keeping your business image “switched on” reflects well on the professionalism of how the business operates.

The cost of keeping your signage illuminated is often outweighed greatly by the benefit of your brand being seen constantly.

With the use of energy-saving bulbs, the costs are reducing over time as well.


Always get a site survey completed by your sign company before the start of your project.

This will help ensure an accurate job is done. Your sign company may also be able to suggest a better or cheaper alternative to what you have in mind.

Ask your sign company about a guarantee.

You want your signage to looks it’s best for as long as possible. A guarantee will enable any repairs to be carried out with no extra cost.