Project Process

How Do We Ensure A Successful Project?


These are the exact steps we go through with our customers to ensure that they receive visible quality with every order

Below, we breakdown each step of the process we take from the information we need to get started through
to receiving your vehicle signwriting, signage, printing or personalised clothing.

Step 1: Understanding your needs

Regardless of how you choose to make contact with us, whether it is via email, telephone, social media or at our premises in Telford, Shropshire, our first step is to fully understand your requirements. A brief period of consultation is required for any project to ensure it will be successful and that you will be completely satisfied. We enquire as to the timescale in which your project needs to be completed.


As our product range is so diverse and bespoke, this is the most important step to take and for large signage projects we always suggest a site survey is undertaken by our sign makers. This allows us to take accurate measurements, ascertain health and safety requirements and ensure that we are manufacturing your signs just how you need them.

For smaller signage projects, or for where fitting isn’t required, we will ask how long you would like your signs to last and whether they are for interior or exterior use, this allows us to suggest the best type of material for your project. Where your signage is being positioned must also be considered in order to choose appropriate dimensions and make your signs visible.

Vehicle Graphics

The first step of a vehicle graphics project is to ascertain the make and model of vehicle that you have. Providing the year of the vehicle also allows us to pinpoint the exact body shape that we will be working with and the scope of the design that can be applied.  

Printing and Personalised Clothing

For printing projects, we enquire as to the type of material required (labels and stickers, frosting, posters etc.) and also the quantity required. The type and sizes of garment are needed in addition to the quantity required for our personalised clothing projects.

Step 2: Your Design

Design is a key part of our visible quality service, if you have an exact design already or not even a logo yet, it is no issue. Our free design service means that we can produce a proof (an image of how your sign or vehicle signwriting will look) based on any existing design work that you can supply (completed design, logo, text or just a colour scheme) and then send it to you so that it can be altered until you are completely satisfied with it. Prior to completing this, we often secure a small deposit from you, if you do not go ahead with the project, your design is then yours to keep.

This stage of the process is often conducted via email so that it is easy to keep an audit trail of the alterations made. For personalised clothing projects, we will also look at the brand that you would like from our catalogue of garments, this is usually emailed to you to peruse at your convenience. We never move onto the next step of the process without ensuring that you are happy with your design.

Step 3: Quotation

Whilst it is often possible to give an estimate quotation at an earlier stage of the process, it is not possible to give an accurate idea of cost until we understand your needs and we have your completed design. This step involves us sending you a breakdown of project cost, at this point agreement is made to proceed with the project.

Step 4: Appointment and Manufacture

Simultaneously we begin to manufacture your signs, vehicle graphics, printing or personalised clothing and also liaise with you to set a convenient time for the project to be completed. This will either involve fitting signs or vehicle graphics at your location, booking your vehicle in to be driven to our premises in Telford, Shropshire or giving an estimate of delivery time of your signs, printing or personalised clothing. If you are collecting your signs, printing or personalised clothing then we will contact you once they have been manufactured.

Step 5: Project Completion

Once your project has been completed, we always ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. In line with our visible quality guarantee, all of our vehicle graphics and permanent signage projects are guaranteed for 4 years.

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We work with a lot of companies, you may have heard of a few:

Contact below if you have any questions, queries or enquiries.

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