Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs offer a fantastic return on your investment in signage because they are constantly visible.

One of the issues with non illuminated signage is that it is only in use in daylight.

During the winter months, having an illuminated sign can result in your signs being seen by twice as many people.

Illuminated signs portray the image of a professional and reputable company.

Which is why so many successful brands put them to good use.

In terms of choice…


Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs offer a fantastic return on your investment in signage because they are constantly visible.

One of the issues with non illuminated signage is that it is only in use in daylight.

During the winter months, having an illuminated sign can result in your signs being seen by twice as many people.

Illuminated signs portray the image of a professional and reputable company.

Which is why so many successful brands put them to good use.

In terms of choice…

Illuminated signs…


you really are spoilt when it comes to how you are able to illuminate your signage.

It’s possible to illuminate signs from above, below and within the sign itself.

For all of the illuminated signs that we fabricate, aswell as all of our larger scale signage projects, we will always organise a detailed consultation call with you to assess what type of illuminated signage will work best for your needs. 

On the call we’ll be able to discuss how we can turn you brand into illuminated signage and how best we can help you with things like fitting, electrics and aftercare.

As part of our Get Visible Guarantee, the structural work of our illuminated signs is guaranteed by us personally for 4 years.

If you are unsure about what type of illuminated sign would work best for you, click the button below to book your free sign consultation call…


Illuminated Wall Sign

Flex face signs…

These signs are ideal for being produced at a large size, often used for branding large warehouses.

A printed stretch banner is mounted into an aluminium box which houses the LED lighting to illuminate the sign from within.

The box itself can be manufactured at varying depths to suit the location it is being fitted at.

One of the benefits of this type of sign is that when an LED bulb needs replacing, the printed stretch banner can be unclipped from its box.

Meaning that the bulbs that require attention can be replaced without having to remove the sign from the building.

Another benefit of flex face signs is that it is possible to have your design appear differently between day and night.

Sections of the printed stretch banner can be multi-layered so that they stop the light from showing through at night.

This is useful if your design has a dark background but light text.

The background can be manufactured from multiple layers so that it will be visible during the day but not visible at night.

In terms of design, we offer a free artwork design service with every flex face sign project to ensure we are making your brand as visible as possible.

The Get Visible Guarantee ensures that your flex face sign will keep your brand visible for at least 4 years.

As with all of the permanent signage that we offer, a professional fitting service is available.

Along with meeting any accreditations you may require including IPAF or Safe Contractor for example.

Take a look at your other options for illuminated signage below…

Illuminated Signs 2

Halo signage…


This is one of the most eye-catching options available for illuminated signage.

Given it’s name by the lighting effect that it creates, the structure of your design remains opaque…

…whilst the LED lighting shines behind it lighting the perimeter of the sign.

Providing a subtle and professional look, your design can be manufactured from a range of materials…

…including MDF, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium or aluminium composite to name a few.

This means that your halo signage can be produced in a wide range of colours.

We can match pantone/CMYK/RGB colours if you have brand guidelines that need to be adhered to.

Halo signs can be mounted to many different materials, including directly onto walls or aluminium sign trays to add a further dimension to your signage.

The sign itself is positioned on “locators” which stands the structure of the sign away from the material it is mounted to in order to let the light out from behind the sign itself.

We have professional sign fitters that ensure your sign is installed with minimal disruption.

If you have any questions about halo signage, feel free to book a consultation call with us…

Click the button below to book now…



Face illuminated signs…


Face lit letters are an ideal signage solution for a retail business where it is imperative to be able to catch the attention of potential customers.

LED lightbulbs are positioned within each letter or section of the sign.

Housed in an aluminium or steel structure, they can be formed to any shape and size including varying depths.

The face of the letters is manufactured from a translucent material in order to let the light show through.

This can be achieved with a wide variety of colours and light strength.

Furthermore, the letters or each section of the sign can be different colours, a benefit of using aluminium or steel for the structure of the sign

For ultimate visibility, this type of illuminated sign can be used internally or externally

…as well as being able to be mounted onto walls, cladding or sign trays.

The letters or individual sections of the sign can be mounted flat to these materials or positioned to stand away from them.

If you’re unsure of exactly what type of illuminated signage you need

get in touch with us to organise your free sign consultation call so that we can professionally assess your exact requirements.


Illuminated Sign (2)

Neon signs…


No other form of illuminated sign has been around as long as neon…

Handcrafted, neon signs are perfect for creating an illuminated handwritten sign look.

There are numerous options available, colours, fonts and lighting are just a few.

Our aim is to make deciding on what type of neon design works best for you and your business.

Every neon sign project we undertake ensures that your neon will be super-bright and safely installed if that’s an area you need our help with.


Illuminated Signs



Lightboxes work extremely well when positioned as hanging signs on a high street…

…because they attract the attention of passing drivers and pedestrians.

These signs can be produced in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.

As well as having varying options of where the light switch is positioned for the sign.

If you don’t have a design in mind for your illuminated sign then don’t worry

…we offer a free artwork design service with every sign project.

To find out more about how the process of creating your lightbox works, keep reading.

Or, to see some of our previous sign projects, click the button below… 

Project Process: How it works...

Step 1: Your Free Sign Consultation

Our first step is always to fully understand your signage project, so that we can make sure it is going to be a success right from the start.

Once you get in touch with us we will work with you to collate all of the vital information for your signage project, our aim is to take the hassle and stress out of managing your signage project.

Using this information we'll have a detailed consultation call together via Zoom to create a final brief for your project.

In less than 45 minutes you'll know exactly what structure of sign is going to work best for your brand and project! 

Click here to get started...

Step 2: Your Quotation

Now that you have a brief set out for your signage project, we can provide you with an official quotation.

At the end of your consultation call, we'll organise a short video call so that we can discuss the finer details of your official quotation once you receive it, designed for your peace of mind so that you know exactly what you will be receiving.

If you'd like to make a start with your signage project, we'll just need a small deposit so that we can make a start.

Step 3: Your Design

Design is a key part of our Get Visible service, if you have an exact design already or just a broad idea, it is no issue.

Our design service involves producing a visual proof (an image of how your signs will look) based on any existing design work that you can supply (completed design, logo, text) and then send it to you so that it can be altered until you are completely satisfied with it.

This stage of the process is conducted via email so that it is easy to keep an audit trail of the alterations made. 

We never move onto the next step of the process without ensuring that you are happy with your final sign design.

Step 4: Your Site Survey

Once we have the design for your signage nailed down, it's time for our team of sign fitters to come and visit your install location to take final measurements and ascertain health and safety requirements.

This can involve taking the necessary information to produce risk assessments and method statements if required.

Once the survey has been completed and we have secured a final deposit, we'll then crack on with the manufacturing of your signage!

Step 5: Your Sign Fitting

Finally, once your signage has been manufactured, we'll be in touch to organise a suitable time and date to install your signs.

All of the permanent signage that we install is guaranteed by us personally for 4 years under The Get Visible Guarantee!

Stress-free Signage

Project management can be stressful.


That’s why our aim is to take all of the stress out of managing your signage project.


Here’s how we do it…

Detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements


Sign Fitters that are CSCS, PASMA and IPAF Qualified


Access Equipment Included to Safely Work at Height


Registered Electricians used for wiring illuminated signage


Detailed specifications and technical drawings for obtaining planning permission


Night installations to minimise business disruption


Supplying specific information required for road closures

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The Get Visible Guarantee

If you’re ready to turn your brand into premium signage, you’re ready for The Get Visible Guarantee!

We guarantee to get your business visible by:-

- Having a detailed consultation call to understand your project and business goals.

- Allowing us to only propose the right materials. Every time. Every sign.

- Putting a personal 4 year guarantee on all our permanent signage projects for your peace of mind.

Matt, Managing Director of Rewind Creative

"The Severn Sign Company are absolutely fantastic!

They completed our agency signage from interior to exterior and everything from communication, through to the finished product are spot on and we look forward to working with their team a lot more on projects in the future.

Would 100% recommend! Extremely friendly and knowledgable of their industry."

Kerry, Owner of Eclipse Hair Studio

"I recently had the pleasure of using The Severn Sign Company and would certainly recommend them for your signage needs.

I had 3 different types of signs made and I'm thrilled with them all."

Vikki, Director of Liddell Transport

"Great communication and customer service from beginning to end.

Our vehicle livery design exceeded our expectations, we were so pleased with it we had another done two weeks later!

We would definitely use again and highly recommend."

Morgan, Print Manager at Shropshire Printing

"Excellent service and very friendly and professional staff.

Huge thanks to Sam and the team for their hard work with our emergency orders and hope to work with you more going forward!"

Martin, Director of Henshalls Insurance

"Fantastic service from Jade, Sam and all the team at The Severn Sign Company.

Efficient, professional and competitive.

Keep up the excellent work!"

David, Director of Holli-Homes

"Very helpful, family run business and would definitely use them again."

Sue, Senior Manager of South Staffordshire Golf Club

"The swift and very professional service I received having had vinyl's prepared for tee sponsorship has been excellent.

I will certainly continue to use The Severn Sign Company and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Well done!"

James, Director of Elmer Arlyss

"First class business to deal with and the sign writing was great quality."

Natalie, Director of Wellings Builders

"We recently used The Severn Sign Company for the sign writing on our company vehicles and a display board.

I would definitely use them again and highly recommend to anybody thinking of using them.

The customer service was excellent from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble and the end product looked fantastic! Thank you..."

Ashley, Owner of Guilty Pleasures

"Absolutely fantastic...

From design to application! Such a quick speedy process and it just looks so professional!

Calls already coming in so from a business aspect it was worth every penny.

Thanks again..."

Claire, Director of Midlands Garage Conversions

"We used The Severn Sign Company for our van livery and some signage.

They were so efficient, responding to everything the same day.

The quality is exceptional and they made sure it was exactly as we wanted it - can't recommend them enough!"

Abi, Senior Events Manager at RAF Museum

"I've been using The Severn Sign Company for the past couple of years for all sorts of signage work.

The team are extremely helpful and I couldn't recommend them enough!"


Total star ratings from all our customer reviews

Sam Benton, The Severn Sign Company

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