Vehicle Graphics Shropshire

Vehicle Graphics Shropshire


We were delighted to be chosen by Dow-Agri based in Shropshire to apply their new vehicle graphics.

It was particularly pleasing to have them return to us, having completed both vehicle graphics and signage projects.

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Vehicle Graphics Guide

Want to take the hassle out of having vehicle graphics?

Vehicle Graphics Shropshire


We were delighted to be chosen by Dow-Agri based in Shropshire to apply their new vehicle graphics.

It was particularly pleasing to have them return to us, having completed both vehicle graphics and signage projects.

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Vehicle Graphics Guide

Want to find out how to make more profit for your business by using vehicle graphics?

Shropshire signwriters…


This particular design included trade certifications, high resolution images and contrasting chevrons applied to the rear window.

We always cover images with a durable laminate, this protects the design from fading in sunlight and also makes the surface less susceptible to stone chips or scratches.

After confirming their vehicle graphics design, Dow brought their truck into our fitting partner’s premises in Telford, Shropshire for the design to be applied.

This took two hours in total, meaning that they could use our comfortable waiting room and have a coffee to stay with their vehicle.

As part of our Visible Quality Guarantee, these Shropshire vehicle graphics are guaranteed for 4 years and all of the design work was carried out free of charge.

We are able to give a guarantee on our work due to the high grade materials we use for all vehicle graphics projects.

Whilst this particular project was carried out at our fitting partner’s premises in Telford, we do offer a fleet mobile fitting service for all vehicle graphics projects across Shropshire and the rest of the West Midlands.

This can be useful if it is tricky for you to find the time to either take your vehicle off the road or bring it to us.

Project Process: How it works…

Step 1: Your needs

Firstly, Regardless of how you choose to make contact with us, whether it is via email, telephone or social media, we seek to fully understand your requirements.

Accordingly, a brief period of consultation is required for any project to ensure it will be successful and that you will be completely satisfied.

We’ll also inquire as to the timescale in which your project needs to be completed, so that we can aim to meet your deadline.


Since our sign range is so diverse and bespoke, this is the most important step to take and for large signage projects we always suggest a site survey is undertaken by our sign makers.

Therefore allowing us to take accurate measurements, ascertain health and safety requirements and ensure that we are manufacturing your signs just how you need them.

For smaller signage projects or for where fitting isn’t required, we will ask how long you would like your signs to last and whether they are for interior or exterior use, this allows us to suggest the best type of material for your project.

Additionally, where your signage is being positioned must also be considered in order to choose appropriate dimensions and make your signs visible.

Vehicle Graphics

Firstly, we must ascertain the make and model of vehicle that you have. 

Providing the year of the vehicle also allows us to pinpoint the exact body shape that we will be working with and the scope of the design that can be applied.

At this point we attempt to gain an understanding of what type of vehicle graphics you are looking for, for example, standard signwriting or wrapping.

Step 2: Your quotation

Secondly, once we have a good understanding of the size/structure of your signs or the make/model of your vehicle along with the type of design then we can calculate a quotation.

Then, upon receiving your quotation, you’ll be made aware of any deposit (if any) that we need to secure from you before works begins on designing your signage or vehicle graphics. 

Step 3: Your design

Design is a key part of our visible quality service, if you have an exact design already or just a broad idea, it is no issue.

Our free design service means that we can produce a proof (an image of how your sign or vehicle signwriting will look) based on any existing design work that you can supply (completed design, logo, text or just a colour scheme) and then send it to you so that it can be altered until you are completely satisfied with it.

This stage of the process is often conducted via email so that it is easy to keep an audit trail of the alterations made. 

We never move onto the next step of the process without ensuring that you are happy with your design.

Step 4: Your appointment

Subsequently, we then begin to manufacture your signs or vehicle graphics before liaising with you to set a convenient time for your project to be completed.

This will either involve fitting signs or vehicle graphics at your location, booking your vehicle in to be driven to our fitting partner’s premises in Telford, Shropshire or giving an estimate of delivery time of your signs.

Step 5: Your project

Finally, once your signage or vehicle graphics project has been completed, we always ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Significantly, in line with our Visible Quality Guarantee, all of our vehicle graphics and permanent signage projects are guaranteed for 4 years.

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