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4 Year Guarantee!

On all permanent signage projects.

Questions about signage…

Can I see what my sign will look like before it is produced?

Of course.

We always send you a visual proof of how your sign will look for your approval before your signage is manufactured.

You can request a change in design of your sign twice after we send you an initial visual proof, but you can request as many alterations as you like.

Often, you’ll need to pay a deposit before we begin designing your signage, so that the design is yours to keep afterwards.

Rest assured we never start producing your signage until you have confirmed that you are happy with the final design.

Once you have made this confirmation, we can’t make any further changes as production begins immediately.


Can you fit my signs for me?


Fitting signs is a skill within itself and often there’s only one chance to get the signs safely in place and straight.

Therefore, we don’t recommend that you fit large scale signs yourself.

You’ll be made aware whether your quotation includes fitting and access equipment.

Meeting certifications that you may require is no issue, for example, IPAF, CHAS or Safe Contractor guidelines.


Can you visit me to see what signage I need?

No problem at all.

Let us know when and where you’d like your signage fitting and we’ll then assess if a visit is required.

Often, it’s possible to provide a quotation without having to visit you in person, saving your time.

Then, should you go ahead with an order, we’ll complete a pre-project site survey to take exact measurements before manufacturing.


Am I allowed to put my sign where I want it?

This question often means you’re nervous that you may not be allowed to by a landlord or local authority.

It’s always wise to ask permission first before instructing us to fit your signage.

If you don’t seek permission first then we’ll often state that you must be prepared that you may be asked to take down your signage at a later point, for which there will be an additional cost.

It’s also important for us to consider if it is safe to fit your sign in a certain location, we’ll make you aware of this before agreeing a fitting location.

Our goal is to make your signage as visible as possible so we may suggest changing the location of your signage to attract more impressions and be more visible.


How quickly will my signs be made?

Some signs can be made for the next working day, whilst larger signs that require more fabrication can take up to 15 working days to be manufactured.

You’ll receive a guide of how long your signs will take to produce before ordering, along with a timeframe for fitting or delivery.


Can you guarantee my signs will last?

Yes we can.

All permanent signage carries our personal 4 year guarantee against fading and structural issues.

The non-permanent signage we offer is designed only to last a short period of time at a lower cost, therefore these cannot be guaranteed.

Your quotation will state whether your signs carry your 4 year guarantee, your final invoice should be kept as proof of purchase should you need to make a claim.

More details about our guarantee can be found here.


Do you fully install illuminated signage?

Your illuminated signs will be placed in situ and securely fitted up to the point of needing the electrical supply connected.

To do this, we recommend using your own electrician that is familiar with your existing electrical supply.

Once your signage is fitted, we will safely leave the electrical output ready to be connected.

If you don’t have your own electrician, we can include one for you to take all of the hassle out of installing your signage.


Questions about vehicle graphics…

How much do vehicle graphics cost?

They are between £50 – £3000 plus VAT.

Take a look at this guide, it breaks down exactly what goes into working the cost out.

For a specific cost based on your make and model of vehicle, get in touch with us.


How long do you need to keep my vehicle for?

Smaller projects can be completed while you wait with your vehicle, whereas larger projects can take multiple days.

You’ll be notified of how long we expect to need your vehicle for before ordering.

Our aim is to keep your vehicle off the road for as little time as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the work we do.

Your vehicle will be stored in a secure location should it need to be kept overnight.

As soon as your vehicle is ready to collect, we’ll notify you so that you can get it back on the road as quickly as possible.


How quickly can I get my vehicle booked in to have graphics applied?

As soon as the final design for your vehicle graphics has been improved, we can often give you an appointment within five working days.

With most vehicle graphics projects, the longest phase is settling on the final design, therefore if you don’t yet have a design finalised, it’s not possible to give an accurate timeframe.

The initial visual proof could be approved allowing the vehicle to be booked in quickly, or numerous alterations could be required, slowing down the process.


How do I know it’s worth investing in vehicle graphics?

There are a particular set of steps you can take to ensure you’re measuring your return on investment.

Click here to read your guide on how to do this.


Can I apply vehicle graphics myself?

You can, but it’s not easy.

You can purchase vehicle graphics from us ready to apply yourself, however, we can’t guarantee they will last as this is influenced by their application.

Many customers come to us having bought vehicle graphics online and then having made a mistake when applying them, therefore having to incur two sets of costs to have the graphics applied once.


Does my vehicle need to be cleaned before my appointment?

Yes it does.

When your appointment is confirmed, we’ll send you a guide to read beforehand on how to prepare your vehicle.

This includes ensuring the vehicle has not been waxed and has been cleaned with soap and water before your appointment.

Arriving with a dirty vehicle is going to push your graphics application over schedule and keep your vehicle off the road for longer.


How do I look after my vehicle graphics to keep them pristine?

When your appointment is confirmed, you’ll receive a full aftercare guide.

This includes not washing the vehicle for the first week after the graphics have been applied and never using a jetwash or automated car wash.

Vehicles with graphics should only ever be cleaned with a soft sponge and warm, soapy water. Then dried using a soft towel.


Can I see what my vehicle graphics will look like before it is produced?

Of course.

We always send you a visual proof of how your vehicle graphics will look for your approval before your graphics are manufactured.

You can request a change in design of your vehicle graphics twice after we send you an initial visual proof, but you can request as many alterations as you like.

Often, you’ll need to pay a deposit before we begin designing your vehicle graphics, so that the design is yours to keep afterwards.

Rest assured we never start producing your vehicle graphics until you have confirmed that you are happy with the final design.

Once you have made this confirmation, we can’t make any further changes as production begins immediately.


Questions about artwork…

What does your free artwork design service include?

It includes the creation of a design for your vehicle graphics or signs.

You can make unlimited changes to your design, as long as they are communicated within two revisions.

Logo creation or editing is not included in this service, but is available as a chargeable extra.


The files for my artwork are too big to email, how can I send them to you?

If you’re sending the correct format of artwork, the size of the file will often exceed what can be attached to an email.

Head over to and send the file(s) that way, it’s safe, secure and quick.


What file type do you need my logo to be in?

A “vectorised” copy of your logo will need to be obtained from your logo designer.

This file will end in either .pdf, .ai or .eps.

Files ending in .jpg, .png or .bmp will not be good enough quality to create quality vehicle graphics or signs.


What is the minimum DPI you require when sending artwork?

We recommend a minimum of 300 DPI for any artwork you have created.


Can you match exact fonts and colours?


Just tell us the name of your font (or sometimes we can find it for you from an image).

Or give us your pantone, CMYK or RGB colour number and we can print that colour exactly.


If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to here, please get in touch with us.

Project Process: How it works…

Step 1: Your needs

Firstly, Regardless of how you choose to make contact with us, whether it is via email, telephone or social media, we seek to fully understand your requirements.

Accordingly, a brief period of consultation is required for any project to ensure it will be successful and that you will be completely satisfied.

We’ll also inquire as to the timescale in which your project needs to be completed, so that we can aim to meet your deadline.


Since our sign range is so diverse and bespoke, this is the most important step to take and for large signage projects we always suggest a site survey is undertaken by our sign makers.

Therefore allowing us to take accurate measurements, ascertain health and safety requirements and ensure that we are manufacturing your signs just how you need them.

For smaller signage projects or for where fitting isn’t required, we will ask how long you would like your signs to last and whether they are for interior or exterior use, this allows us to suggest the best type of material for your project.

Additionally, where your signage is being positioned must also be considered in order to choose appropriate dimensions and make your signs visible.

Vehicle Graphics

Firstly, we must ascertain the make and model of vehicle that you have. 

Providing the year of the vehicle also allows us to pinpoint the exact body shape that we will be working with and the scope of the design that can be applied.

At this point we attempt to gain an understanding of what type of vehicle graphics you are looking for, for example, standard signwriting or wrapping.

Step 2: Your quotation

Secondly, once we have a good understanding of the size/structure of your signs or the make/model of your vehicle along with the type of design then we can calculate a quotation.

Then, upon receiving your quotation, you’ll be made aware of any deposit (if any) that we need to secure from you before works begins on designing your signage or vehicle graphics. 

Step 3: Your design

Design is a key part of our visible quality service, if you have an exact design already or just a broad idea, it is no issue.

Our free design service means that we can produce a proof (an image of how your sign or vehicle signwriting will look) based on any existing design work that you can supply (completed design, logo, text or just a colour scheme) and then send it to you so that it can be altered until you are completely satisfied with it.

This stage of the process is often conducted via email so that it is easy to keep an audit trail of the alterations made. 

We never move onto the next step of the process without ensuring that you are happy with your design.

Step 4: Your appointment

Subsequently, we then begin to manufacture your signs or vehicle graphics before liaising with you to set a convenient time for your project to be completed.

This will either involve fitting signs or vehicle graphics at your location, booking your vehicle in to be driven to our fitting partner’s premises in Telford, Shropshire or giving an estimate of delivery time of your signs.

Step 5: Your project

Finally, once your signage or vehicle graphics project has been completed, we always ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Significantly, in line with our Visible Quality Guarantee, all of our vehicle graphics and permanent signage projects are guaranteed for 4 years.

Our ethos of visible quality is embedded into everything we do at The Severn Sign Company…

Visible Quality means:

  • 4 year guarantee on permanent signage and vehicle graphics*
  • Free custom artwork design service*
  • Free, no commitment, pre-project site surveys
  • We are certified vehicle signwriters
  • We only use the highest grade materials


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