Car Signwriting Telford

We were delighted to be chosen by Mr PATtastic based in Telford to apply their new car signwriting.

This was the first time we had applied car signwriting on behalf of Mr PATtastic. We were especially pleased to welcome them as a new customer for their vehicle graphics having met on Twitter. We used laminated vinyl for this van graphics project that included their iconic logo, strapline and website on the boot section of their car. This means that the car graphics will be protected against harmful elements such as sunlight, making the stickers more durable and more resistant to fading. We use this signwriting material as standard as part of our visible quality guarantee. This covers the vehicle graphics for 4 years. We find it useful to have logos as large as possible, especially when they are unique as was the case with this car graphics design.

The colour scheme of this car signwriting project was a good fit with the brand and the car itself. Two colours at opposite ends of the colour spectrum helps to make car graphics more noticeable compared to other vehicles that have been signwritten. Contrasting colours on car signwriting are more useful when creating a call to action, such as to call or visit a website.

This vehicle graphics project for Mr PATtastic based in Telford, Shropshire took a few days to complete. This being from initially being contacted by Mr PATtastic about having their car signwriting done, to the signwritten car being collected. Our signwriters applied these car stickers on the same day, ensuring that the vehicle wasn’t off the road for a long period of time while we were applying the graphics.

Telford Car Signwriting
Telford Car Signwriting

We have written a free guide that is designed to help you in choosing a great vehicle graphics design, you can read it here. Along with our free artwork design service we ensure that your livery is exactly as you want it. For more details on how we support you fully through your signwriting project, you can read our guide entitled: “How Do We Ensure A Successful Project?“.

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